Craigslist Apartment Marketing Tips to Generating Leads

Craigslist Apartment Marketing Tips to Generating Leads

The good thing about Craigslist Apartment Marketing is that it is free and has a wide reach. The downside is that each moment there are hundreds of people posting their ads that can result in your ads being pushed down and becoming less visible or simply being drowned. For people who are into apartment marketing this can be a real headache since they would have to be on their toes and keep re-posting in order to remain visible. However, this can result in green ghosting. There is a way to remain visible, grab attention of target audience and obtain results. The following tips should help people looking to sell apartments through Craigslist.

With Apartment Marketing Timing is everything

Craigslist appartment marketing - tming is everythingPeople search for apartments once they have taken care of more important tasks. Research shows they search late in the mornings, late in the afternoon and from 7 PM to 10 PM. Maximum searches are conducted on Friday night. This means if an apartment marketer posts ads on craigslist just around these times there are maximum chances of such ads being seen and acted upon.

Make Use of Images to Attract Buyers

use nice apartment image to generate craigslist apartment saleIf people are looking to buy apartments they must know what the interiors look like. It is worth the time and effort to light up interiors well and take quality photographs with a digital camera, not with your smartphone. Craigslist now has the carousel view so you can post not just one but several images of the interiors. As they say, a picture is worth a dozen words. Along with photos of the interiors, also post a couple images of the exteriors and a view from the windows.

easily understandable real estate content is the key to generate real estate craigslist leads

For Craigslist Apartment Marketing Content is King

A picture is worth dozens of words no doubt but text is still king. It is worth taking the trouble to create perfect copy that gives the right description of the apartment from the buyer’s perspective, packing as much information as possible in as few words as possible. The headline must grab attention by including details of apartment, location, unique points and the price. Use bulleted list for the main body because people are in a hurry and do not have time to read lengthy descriptions. The bulleted list should state price, number of rooms, area and specifics about parking, pet policy, and proximity to amenities.

Retain attention, not just grab it

One must review the draft copy of the ad and analyze it objectively to find out if there are elements that will retain attention of the viewer. It is easy to grab attention but a prospective buyer will easily go on to the next post because he is, after all, looking for the best deal or offer. If the ad offers something unique or is simply irresistible, he will stop looking and will reach for the phone.

Craigslist Apartment Marketing is a free service for all of use, use it carefully.

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