Online Real Estate Sales Tips

Real estate buyers use mobile apps (45%) and internet search engines (over 40%) to find property in their locality. This trend dictates that you, as a realtor interested in selling property, adapt online tactics. Adapt a few of these tactics to sell property online and your efforts will get you dividends.

Marketing online is a precursor to selling online. In this age of the internet the least you would have to do to generate leads is:

Minimum online setup

  • Set up a responsive mobile website, preferably a dedicated one for each individual property. Include map, photos of interiors and exteriors of property and surroundings and a page for detailed description; asking price and contact details.
  • List property and your website on local directories
  • List on Yahoo and Google local as well as maps
  • Use Zillow and similar sites to list property for sale
  • It is worth spending on Google Adwords—your paid ad shows up on search result pages
  • Promote across social media pages, using this avenue to talk about community, life and people in that location. Incentivize people to contact you and promote your property in their circles.

You should start getting leads by mail and phone. Converting them into sales is the next important step.

Speed of response

  • If you receive an email inquiry, respond with a detailed mail and set up a personal meeting. If a contact has included a phone number, phone immediately.
  • If you receive a phone call spare time and be patient to go into details. One call will not close a deal. You need to be persistent and keep phoning the target for a personal meeting.
  • If your responsive website has elicited an inquiry from a target who is in the vicinity of the property for sale, spare time to go out to the site and give the prospective client a walk through.

Quality of response

  • How do you sound when you respond? Are you brusque and professional, coming across as a busy person with little time to spare? Change this into a friendly image of a person who is ready to understand buyer’s requirements and be gracious in response as well as knowledgeable. Prospective buyers need at least two things: images of the property and detailed information.
  • Offer to visit them at their convenience and show them the property as well as alternatives. Buyers want options. During talks you could offer to handle not only sales but also documentation. Follow up each phone talk with a thank you mail.
  • It pays to be frank about property you are handling. If it needs repairs or has outstanding taxes, say it upfront.
  • Tailor responses to personality of buyers and mix online contact, phone contact and email contact with a person to person meeting that sets the stage for conversion. Offer to arrange a meet between seller and buyer.

Not each lead you get from your online marketing effort is going to convert into a sale but leaving behind a positive impression might get you remembered and recommended in future.