Tips for Real Estate Agents in 2016

Tips for Real Estate Agents in 2016

Here are few Tips for Real Estate Agents – Success in realty business is defined by a steady flow of customers. In the current scenario marketing online is indispensable since most customers usually start their search for a property using their mobiles or desktops. Try out these online marketing tips to get a steady flow of customers.

Mobile responsive website

Prospective buyers majorly use mobiles to find property in their vicinity. It also happens that they may be out on a drive looking for property for sale in the neighborhood. A responsive website, in these circumstances is absolutely indispensable. In fact, specialists would advise a unique site for each property you wish to sell, with maps, beautiful photographs of the interior, exterior and surrounding areas along with a phone number they can tap to contact you. Including social media sharing buttons is a good idea.

Local listings

Since real estate business is mostly local, listing your business on Yahoo local and Google business as well as Google maps is a priority if you want property buyers in your area to find you with ease and give your company top priority. Make it a point to list your business on Google Mybusiness. People do use Google a lot for local searches so investing in time and effort is well worth it.

Regular website with photos and videos

A regular desktop website with search features and detailed description of each property you list along with photographs, a video walkthrough, blog, forum and description is just as indispensable as is a mobile site. Here you must have social media sharing buttons. Even property sellers will appreciate that you have a full-featured site where their property details are shown in full.

Social media

Social media, especially FaceBook and Twitter are indispensable tools in your online marketing armor. Facebook is where you can have personal posts as well posts related to the property that creates a professional image with a human touch of trust leading to engagement. People are likely to take more interest and also share your property offer with others in their group who might be interested. Do not ignore youtube and pinterest—posting videos and photos does help you in search engine ranking as well as creating a rapport with prospective buyers. Social media efforts pay rich dividends. Property buyers and sellers alike will give you preference if you create the right brand image as a professional, caring agency.

Online directories

Listing your business in online directories focused on your area, especially real estate online directories, does help you get found when people search for realtors.

Newsletters and email nurturing

Once someone does contact you, follow up with phone calls and keep in touch. Take it a step further by including their email address in your newsletter mailing list, sending them interesting tidbits of information on the city, people, property, how-to tips and so on. You come across as someone who cares and people will prefer your agency above others.

Online is the main channel that gets you quality leads leading to conclusion of deals. Do it all on your own, or, better still, engage a professional for website and SEO while handling social media interactions on your own.