Top Listing Sites for Real Estate Agents

Top Listing Sites for Real Estate Agents

Competition is tough for real estate agents. In order to convert likely prospects into customers they have to be on their toes all the time, initiate contacts, make visits and engage at a personal level. Apart from this personal engagement, a strong online presence is also vital to generate leads in the first place. This includes having your own website with detailed description and images of properties up for sale, informative articles and interactive content that projects the right image. A strong social media is also a must. Over and above these you must also think of individual responsive mobile sites for each property you want to sell.

Capping all these online efforts is listing in the best listing sites for real estate agents. You may or may not have your own website and responsive mobile site. Listing in online local directories and listing websites is a great way to generate leads and gain exposure in a competitive market at affordable rates.  Here are the top listing sites for real estate agents.


  • 36 million visitors per month
  • Alexa rank 207 and undoubtedly the top of real estate listing websites.
  • List property for sale or rent and also when you have a client looking for property to buy or rent in specific regions across the USA



  • Trulia is a close second with 23 million monthly visitors
  • Alexa Rank 484
  • List property for sale or rent
  • Search facility, find agents, mortgages, property to rent, buy or sell and section for professionals


Yahoo Homes

  • 20 million monthly visitors
  • Variety of listing options for real estate agents
  • Easily found in online searches




  • The site receives 18 million monthly visitors
  • Alexa rank 697
  • Range of listing options and rates for property to buy, sell or rent


  • 1542 Alexa Rank
  • 6 million visitors
  • Fast growing in popularity this regional site offers full support for realtors to buy, sell or rent property




  • 5 million monthly visitors
  • 3190 Alexa rank
  • Range of options for real estate agents to list property for sale, purchase or rent



  • Focused on apartments, this site receives 2.5 million visitors
  • Alexa rank 7784
  • User friendly with a number of options





  • 2 million visitors and counting
  • 6361 Alexa rank but bound to grow
  • Regional and national level options for property buy and sell for agents



  • 1.8 million visitors,
  • 9353 Alexa rank
  • Search and listing features



  • 1.75 million visitors and growing
  • 7291 Alexa rank
  • List here and you will certainly receive inquiries




  • 1.6 million visitors
  • 7291 Alexa rank
  • Do not ignore it for USA based listings!



  • 1.5 million visitors from across the USA and the world
  • 11264 Alexa rank
  • A good site to list apartments for sale, purchase or rent



  • 1.4 million visitors
  • 11931 Alexa rank




  • Large number of categories and city-wise segregation
  • Search options
  • Easy listing options
  • Auction option




  • Search and listing options
  • Fresh approach by including senior living, off campus housing and extended stay properties as well as relocation
  • Good site for tips

If not all, at least invest in listing out your business in the top 10 of these great realtor listing websites. You will get returns beyond expectations.