17 Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

17 Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

Social media powers marketing efforts and you are doing yourself a disservice if you are not using this free (well, almost) channel to promote yourself and your realty business. It is not really difficult once you get the hang of it. All you need to do is invest a bit of time and effort to get returns far in excess. It is a good idea to have a website, preferably mobile responsive website and then implement Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents.

Leverage Facebook

  • facebook Tips for Real Estate AgentsThe structure of Facebook makes it easy for you to post text, images and videos and for visitors to leave comments. Make sure you display contact details.
  • Display photos and videos of property for sale and post inquiries if a client of yours needs property in a specific location.
  • Just photos of interiors and exteriors are not sufficient. Add to this by posts about the neighborhood, the city and the community. Talk about schools, parks and amenities that would attract prospective buyers.
  • Events in the neighborhood can be displayed on your Facebook page, inviting people to share comments.
  • Respond promptly when someone does leave a comment and show your human side.
  • If a client has bought a property, post a welcome note on your Facebook page.
  • Use Facebook to show your knowledge about interiors and exteriors, home buying advice and maintaining property.
  • You could hold contests and offer prizes to engage fans and followers.

Leverage Pinterest

pinterest-Tips for Real Estate AgentsProperty selling and buying does involve visuals and for this Pinterest is one of the best channels in that you can post photos and include a link to your site. Leverage Pinterest this way:

  • Post images of property and include link to your site
  • Create boards about lifestyles and neighborhood of the property
  • Create boards related to d├ęcor and link to how to articles
  • Leverage Hashtags by creating separate ones for various items
  • Crosslink to your Facebook page

Leverage Twitter

twitter Tips for Real Estate AgentsTweeting is the way to go for those who do not like lengthy posts so create a presence here and engage with people.

  • Tweets can inform people how to go about buying property, preparing property for sale to get better price and renovation ideas
  • Tweet questions so readers feel encouraged to respond
  • Leverage the power of hashtags by creating specific tags for various subject matters such as location, type of property, size, value and so on.
  • Tweet thanks to someone who shows interest, to someone who has bought property and to someone who has retained you.

Whatever the channel, be prompt in responding and project a friendly, caring image.

These are the main social channels you can leverage in a variety of ways to increase exposure and create the right brand image. Do it right with these tips and get better returns on your investment in time and effort. Other channels to explore are Instagram and LinkedIn. In time you will find that majority of your leads originate in social media.