Online Marketing Tools for Real Estate Agents

Online Marketing Tools for Real Estate Agents

People searching for property to buy will do it two ways. One is the hard way, which is to shortlist properties in the city, get into their cars and drive around. The second, smarter, way is to go online. There is a message here for real estate agents: go online to market properties on behalf of your clients and you will do better because majority of people will search online. So get found online and market property using these online tools.

Property Website or Property Landing page
This is the starting point. You showcase property on your site using images and video walk through of interiors and exteriors too. Include full description with precise location, condition of property, neighborhood and asking price. Include links to your social media pages here, a landing page and full contact details.

Mobile Friendly Website
Totally indispensable in this age when most people are using smart phones to conduct searches, the mobile website is a prime online marketing tool. It is even better if you deploy a responsive site for each property including map, directions, price and contact details with a link to your main website.

Blogging About Property
Blog and blog some more…not about property you are selling but with useful information on the neighborhood, the city, how to buy property, improvement tips, financing tips and so on.

Promote Properties on Social media
Interaction is essential to keep a finger on the pulse of people’s thoughts and social media outlets like FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn are essential tools in the marketing arsenal of real estate agents. Offer giveaways for recommending customers. Post information about interesting events in the locality. Offer to help. Just come across as responsive and helpful. Build a network and engage them even more with email newsletters. Publicly thank those who have bought property from you through the social channels. Do not forget to place links to your site on social media pages.

Property Directory listings
Even if means subscribing on a paid basis, get your business listed on online local directories. Every little thing helps.

Google maps, local business
Real estate is a local business. Prime priority for you is to list your agency on Google maps as also properties you are putting up for sale. At the same get listed in local business sections of main search engines.

Search engine marketing..Google adwords
You do have to shell out money for Google adwords and similar pay per click programs of other search engines. The advantage is that property you want to sell shows up when anyone searches using these search engines. Just be a bit savvy and use right keywords and opt for your ad to show up alongside local search results. Pay per click is fastest way to get immediate and convertible leads.

Other avenues
You must exploit craigslist (and similar sites) taking advantage of free classified advertising sites.

You never know which down which channel a prospective buyer will explore first. Create a 360 degree online presence so that you are found in whichever direction a buyer turns and this will automatically impress him about your brand image. Personal follow up thereafter should make it easy to convert a lead into a sale. If you cannot do it on your own or lack time then it is worth engaging someone to take care of all the foregoing online marketing efforts.