Online Real Estate Lead Generation Steps

Online Real Estate Lead Generation Steps

Leads are the lifeblood of real estate business and if you want a steady stream of customers going online is the best bet. You could, of course, buy leads from lead generation agencies but you never know if the lead agency has been selling these leads to other realtors. Go your way, put in a bit of time and effort online and you will find number of leads rising as time passes. Here are some online real estate lead generation steps that could get you started right and grow your business.

Website—desktop and mobile version

90% of property buyers search online and over 50% of users find property through mobile devices. Therefore, get a proper full scale website with content management system so that you can update on your own. At the same time, deploy a responsive mobile-friendly website. You could have full details of a property for sale on the regular website along with a ton of informative articles that could cover topics like home buying ideas, various locations, interior tips, neighborhood, schools, community life and so on. Have separate pages devoted to your neighborhood. Post these on your site as well as on article sites. It may appear odd but there are buyers who first read articles and blogs and then visit a relevant website. Blogging is another great way to enhance your image and is well worth the time. Prospects are influenced by how knowledgeable you appear. Your mobile site, on the other hand, could simply show images and descriptions as well as a contact phone number. Incorporate a response page that invites visitors to furnish email and phone contact that you can use to send offers and to follow up.

Video walkthroughs

People want to see what the property looks, inside-out. Engage a photographer/videographer to capture interiors and exteriors. You could post these videos on your site and on Youtube.
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Go social

Realty is all about one to one contact but in this age the contact is initiated online, leading to a face to face meeting. A Facebook presence is just as essential as LinkedIn. Both promote and widen your circle as well as project you as an authority. Do not ignore Twitter. Learns the ins and outs of these channels and you could have leads, direct as well as referrals, pouring in. Holding online contests or offering rewards for referrals can work in your favor.

Go local

Real estate is local business. List your presence on Google Maps, Mapquest and local online directories as well as Google Places and Yahoo Local. In articles and blog posts that you write use keywords that mention specific locations.

Search engine marketing

It is a simple enough matter to register for Google Adwords (also Yahoo and Bing paid ads) as well as Facebook ads. Organic methods take time to show results. If a property must be sold quickly, opt for paid ads such as Google Adwords. The ads show up whenever people search for property to buy. You can specify about geographic locations and your ad will be displayed only when searches are conducted relevant to these locations.

Incorporate these strategies and you will have your hands full of leads and a business that grows.