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Real Estate Ad Blaster is a Craigslist auto posting tool for “Real Estate Category” that saves you time and helps grow your business. All you have to do is upload your ads, pick which cities you want to post your ads to and then press start. Want to renew all your ads over 48 hours old? The renewal function will auto renew all ads over 48 hours old. Want to repost your expired ads? Use the repost feature to auto re-post all your expired ads
Software Available for Housing, For Sale, Services and Gigs sections

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Craigslist automatic posting software Real Estate Ad Blaster, available for "available for Housing for Rent/For Sale, Office/Commercial for Rent/For Sale, Real Estate for Sale and Vacation Rentals"

How it Works?

CL is one of the most visited websites in the world and the Real Estate section is one of its most popular categories. If you’re a Residential or Commercial Realtor, Property Management Company or Leasing/Rental Company posting on CL is already part of your life. As you know posting to CL can be time consuming and tricky. Posting too rapidly, flagging and ghosting are all common problems. Manually posting ads all day can also drive you nuts.

But what if there was a way to upload your listing one time and have it appear in multiple cities within a 75 mile radius of your property? Re-post your ad minutes after you place it. Dominate the Real Estate section on CL. What if that ad would automatically renew every 48 hours without you having to log into your CL account? Load your listing one time and it goes out to every city within a 75 mile radius of your home and your listing will run until you sell, rent or lease that property.

This program will save you lots of time and money. The posting software runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. What would it cost to have someone manually monitor your ads and place ads for you 24/7 days a week?

This unique software gives you the ability to blast your ad all over CL. And those ads will run until your property is sold, leased or rented out.

Why Choose this CL Auto posting Software?

Automatically Post Your Ads in Multiple Cities.

Automatically Post Your Ads in Multiple Cities

The software will automatically post your ads in multiple cities on Craigslist

  • The software can post all your ads automatically
  • The software can renew all your ads automatically
  • It can automatically repost your expired ads

Schedule or Time your ad Posting.

schedule-campaigns using cl ad blasterThe software allows you to schedule or time your ad posting. Now you don’t have to worry about Re – login to CL account, a scheduler is their to work for you.

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Check Out “What Clients has to say about Real Estate Ad Blaster”, Your feedback on our software is very important to us. Our team really appreciate your efforts to send us your valuable Video and Text Testimonials.

I am a Real Estate Agent and I spend a lot of my time posting and renewing ads on CL. I purchased a license of Real Estate Ad Blaster and I have to say it is great! I only worry that my competitors will get their hands on it. I post my listing 1 time and it goes out to every city near my listing every ten minutes. more…

Laura D.

I work for a property rental company. I started using Real Estate Ad Blaster a few months back and now I dominate CL. I have more free time to help people find the right property. Real Estate Ad Blaster is more effective and cost effective than anything else we do. I highly recommend it to anyone in Real Estate.

Joseph W.

I’ve been using Real Estate Ad Blaster for several months now and it has saved me hours of tedious work by doing something I hate having to do. I’ve used it and used it and I’m confident that it will work for you.

Tom C.

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  • #1 recommended real estate software program

Our awesome features

Auto Post, Auto Renew, Auto Repost, Schedule Campaigns, Title and Description Spinner, Image Spinner

Auto Post

Auto Post over 150 ads a day with just the click of a button

Auto Renew

Automatically Renew all ads over 48 hours old with just the click of a button

Auto Repost

Automatically Re-post any expired ad with just the click of a button.

Schedule Campaigns

You choose when you want your ads to post and how often.

Title and Description Spinner

The software will spin your title and descriptions to make them unique without changing the overall message of your ad.

Image Spinner

The software renames your image file, slightly adjusts pixels and border of picture to give you a unique photo every time you post.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to most frequently asked question about Real Estate Ad Blaster - Cragslist Auto posting Software

How much does it cost?

You can get a FREE 3-day trial through Paypal. After 3 days, your paypal account will be billed for whichever tier of the AdBlaster software you chose to try out. We have Basic, Pro and Platinum tiers for our customers.

How to Set up the Software?

Shortly after you subscribe to our software you will receive an email with a download link, along with your username and password. Click on the download link. Follow the installation instructions when the file has been downloaded. more…

How to Place Your First Ad?

Go to “ads queue builder”. This is where you will input your first ad. Type in all the appropriate information for your listing.
Under the photos tab you can upload photos to your ad. Once you have finished writing your ad you will click “add item”. You will see your ad appear to your right in the ad queue. You may then write a new ad, save it and that will appear in your ad queue to the right. more…

How to Renew Your Ads?

You can renew an ad that is 48 hours old, or more. “Renew” means the software pushes your ad back to the top of the list on CL. To access this option, go to “ads management” and click “ads posting” on the drop down menu. more…

How to Renew Your Ads?

The software spins your ads titles, descriptions and images to make them unique everytime they are posted.

How do I swap out CL account in the software?

1. Go into the ads renewal section.
2. Update the “CL Username” and “CL Password” boxes with the new account. more…

What If My Ads Getting Flagged ?

If your ads are getting flagged right after you post them, that is CL flagging you. You could be getting flagged because you are posting too rapidly or due to some words you are using in your ads. Try changing some wording in your ads and set the posting timer to at least every 10 minutes. more…

What if My Ads Getting Ghosted?

If you have been posting too rapidly or too often, you may see all your ads are being flagged or ghosted. If this begins happening to you, consider letting your CL account rest for a few days or get a new CL account. This is probably due to posting too often.

What about Geo Targeting?

You can post on CL from your location and in up to two adjoining locations. You cannot post from Los Angeles, CA to Miami, FL.

Do we have to sign a long term contract?

All our software subscriptions are month to month. You may cancel any time. There are no long term commitments.

How can we post the same ad everyday?

We have a mutation manager built into each ad that places a random serial number at the bottom of each ad. This makes each of your ads unique.

How do I email verify my first 3 ads on a new Craigslist account?

1. Manually log into your CL account through Internet Explorer.
2. Log into your email account. more…

What is a good live ad percentage?

CL filters are getting more sensitive every day. If you have a 50% or more live ad ratio you are doing well. 60% to 95% is great.

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